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Boutique Real Estate Investments in Tel Aviv


Collaborating with 


Experienced Real Estate Entrepreneur and Seasoned Expert Specializing in Initiating and Leading Luxury Projects in Tel Aviv

Investment opportunity in an urban renewal project (TAMA 38/2) featuring a cluster of five buildings in the highly sought-after city center

תב״ע מאושרת: תוכנית הרובעים הייחודית לת״א

המנטרלת את שלב ההתנגדויות בתהליך החלטות ואישורי הוועדה וממזערת סיכוני עמידה בלו״ז. מדיניות עיריה מקדמת יזמות.

Entry into the deal only after obtaining the residents' signed approval

We enter after meeting the required majority according to the TAMA Law

Dispersed Risk Factors

Cluster of 5 Separate Buildings


Kaplan street (corner of Even-Gvirol) and Shenkin Street

התחדשות בניינית עסקת קומבינציה

הקרקע נותרת בבעלות הדיירים עד להריסת הבניין וכניסת הליווי הבנקאי

ביקושים קשיחים לדירות למגורים בעיר

והיצע מצטמצם בעקומה קבועה

קבלות מוכחות

יזם בעל מוניטין ורזומה עשיר והוכחות מוצקות בשטח

רף כניסה להשקעה האטרקטיבי ביותר ש-R.me הציעה למשקיעיה

כ-250k ש״ח השקעה בערוץ שקלי

R.me specializes in boutique and enduring real estate investments. Our company offers personalized guidance throughout the entire journey, coupled with a commitment to professional and dedicated service

Tel Aviv - A City Aligned with Leading Cities Across the Globe

R.meTLV Division focuses on boutique and exclusive investments in Tel Aviv,

A metropolis and an unparalleled economic center in Israel,

A leading cosmopolitan city also in international terms.


In line with global trends, Tel Aviv experiences a robust demand for high-end apartments, yet the available supply continues to diminish steadily

About Boulevard

The Compelling Reasons Behind Our Strategic Partnership with Boulevard:

End-to-End Management and Accountability

Encompassing the entire process, from planning and thorough supervision to delivery, Incorporates a distinctive sales strategy with pricing positioned at a premium in comparison to the market

Reliability and Trustworthiness

The company's founders, hailing from the security sector, share our values and vision The firm's credibility, built on past performance, customer satisfaction, and the trust of apartment owners, Instilling a strong sense of trust

Resilient Business Management

Evident across all realms of management: business plans, operational guidelines, data-driven scenarios, and extensive hands-on experience. Also reflected in methodical combination deals with a steadfast commitment to follow-through at every stage

Extensive Expertise in the Tel Aviv Real Estate Market

20 Years of Real Estate Project Development 15 Years Specializing in the Tel Aviv Real Estate Market 20 Projects and 700 Units Successfully Delivered

Company's Ledership

We established R.me with a vision and a mission:

To create an economic security network for security forces personnel, retirees, and their families, as well as for anyone aspiring to solidify their financial position. This is achieved through high-quality investments and personalized, committed guidance.

We nurture a strong and leading community of investors that strides towards long-term goals. Individuals who understand that creating financial security for their families is not a privilege but a duty, and they seek personal and professional support without compromise.

Currently, we manage around 1,100 units for hundreds of investors in 15 projects across 5 states in the United States. The property portfolio is valued at $100 million, and we continue to grow

MIchael (miki) zissman


Colonel (Ret.) Michael Sizman, former Head of the Air Force's Engineering and Infrastructure, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Prior to his current venture, he served as the CEO of Blue Square Real Estate and led the Public Real Estate division at Cardan Real Estate. With a background in Electrical Engineering from the Technion and an MBA from Ben Gurion University, Michael is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School (AMP). His extensive leadership in initiating and establishing housing projects across the United States demonstrates a commitment to excellence and innovation in the real estate sector



Lt. Col. (Res.). Mentor and real estate developer with a 23-year career in the IDF. He served in key positions, including company commander and deputy battalion commander in the Paratroopers Brigade, battalion commander of the Kfir Brigade training base, and Operations Officer at the IDF Ground Training National Center. Arye applies his leadership and skills to leading investors to successful real estate ventures. Arye has an exceptional reputation and extensive experience in identifying and maximizing investment opportunities, locating strategic partners, and leading hundreds of investors to improve their quality of living.



Entrepreneur and interior designer, graduate of real estate studies. Possesses proven knowledge and ability in entrepreneurship, leading marketing initiatives, and demonstrating expertise in promoting and guiding in-depth processes to enhance real estate asset value. Miriam's professional experience includes leading complex projects both financially and in understanding environmental needs in sought-after areas. She brings to the table integration skills and a high-level understanding of the overall picture



Information Systems Engineer with a Master's degree in Business Administration.

Former head of the planning branch in the IDF and head of the budget and transactions branch in the Air Force. Involved in managing the company's budget and work plan from a strategic perspective.

With over 20 years of experience in strategic management, program and project management, and budget management. Additionally, has extensive experience advising executives in business, organizational, and strategic consulting

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